cashmere tablecloth Khatoon model

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cashmere tablecloth




cashmere tablecloth

Traditional cashmere tablecloth model Khatun is the result of the art and creativity of the women’s head of the family, and there is a combination of cashmere Hashemi textiles. You will enjoy the quality of this cashmere and the very clean sewing.

Cashmere, a gemstone woven fabric of very delicate fibers. Cashmere is an exquisite Iranian handicrafts item. Curved shapes such as Bote Jakhe and Shah Abbasi flowers are used in different colors in Cashmere.

For fabric of cashmere, silk and high quality wool with high fiber. Cashmere threads are dyed with plant colors and natural synthetic materials, and more often are dyed green, juvenile, red, orange and black.




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Dimensions 90 x 90 cm
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